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KHOI LE emerges from absolute simplicity and utility forged into the field of accessories. We started from the need to fill void in the accessories market where the designs were thoughtful, yet robust. Each piece of KHOI LE has a tangible relationship with society and day-to-day life. They originate from Khoi Le’s design sense, spawned from the need for a product that is yet to be on the market. These wares are conceived and constructed in-house either in New York or California. All of the leathers, fabrics, and hardware are selected based on quality and locality, ensuring a healthy support in the local economy. 


Khoi Le has attended the Parsons School of Design for fashion design as well as The Fashion institute of Technology for Accessories Design. He has also worked under Bliss Lau for her innovative handbags and jewelry line as well as Marc Jacobs for his Collections and second line Footwear. Please contact KHOI LE for any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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